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Write and Call the Secretary of State today!


2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SE,
Ste. 1104, West Tower,
Atlanta, GA 30334.

As follow-up to Atlanta WAND’s Get Out the Vote efforts for the 2004 elections, we are encouraging all who volunteered with us, or who voted, to call or write to the Elections Division at the Secretary of State.

  • Tell them about your volunteer experience. Were you calling newly registered voters who did not know they could vote without a voter registration card? Did you transport a senior voter who had trouble with the long lines during early voting?
  • Thank the Secretary of State for their accessible website, the poll locator page, the early voting location page, and the poll locator phone number.
  • Thank them for considering extending early voting to two or three weeks prior to election day, and encourage them to follow through.
  • Tell them you would like to see early voting options in the evening and on weekends.
  • Advocate for election day to become a state-wide holiday in Georgia.
  • Ask the Secretary of State to pledge that all provisional ballots will be counted in Georgia’s next election and that they will be provided at all election sites.
  • Ask for an increase in early voting locations.
  • Encourage the Secretary of State to find a way to ensure election protection, particularly with electronic voting machines.
  • Encourage the Secretary of State to accept voter registration forms from students as legitimate, regardless of whether the student is a temporary resident of Georgia. Ask them to actively combat the disenfranchisement of college voters.
  • Ask the Secretary of State to ensure that all poll workers are trained properly and willing to accept the 17 forms of identification that the state finds acceptable.

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